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The First time U.S. coins circulated outside of the U.S. was in 1835 in Venezuela.

The Mexican 1 Real coin traded at 12 1/2 cents when it circulated in America.

In 1865 there were 15 different types of U.S. coins minted: 1) cent  2) two cent
3) three cent nickel  4) three cent silver  5) half dime  6) dime  7) quarter  8) half dollar  9) silver dollar  10) one dollar gold  11) two and one half dollar gold ($2.50) 12) three dollar gold  13) five dollar gold  14) ten dollar gold  
15) twenty dollar gold

The US Quarter's nickname is the "two bit coin"

Since midway through 1982 cents have been made of zinc and coated with copper.  This means there are 8 different types of cents in 1982. Small and large date from each mint, in both zinc core and copper core.

Sacagawea Dollars are not gold. They are made with a copper core and a manganese & brass outer layer. It is the manganese layer that gives them the golden color, and also makes them very reactive to toning.

In 1849 there was a $20.00 gold double eagle struck. However, there is only one, and it is currently in the Smithsonian.

The first country to use the word "dollar" on their coins was Scotland in 1676.

The term dime or "disme" as in a 1792 half disme, comes from the french "dixieme" which means one tenth.

There are four active mints. There have been a total of eight United States Mints throughout our history.
1. San Francisco, CA (1854 - present.) However since 1975 only produces proof coins, not for circulation. These coins will have an 'S' on them.
2. Philadelphia, PA (1793 - present.) Signified by a 'P' on all denominations after 1979 except the cent.
3. Denver, CO (1906 - present.) Signified by a 'D' on the coin.
4. West Point, NY (1984 - present) Makes only silver and gold eagles as well as some proof coins. Coins minted at West Point will have a 'W' on them.
5. Charlotte, NC (1838 - 1861) Made only gold coins. Signified by a 'D'.
6. Carson City, NV (1870 - 1893) Signified by 'CC'.
7. Dahlonega, GA (1838 - 1861) Made only gold coins. Signified by a 'D'.
8. New Orleans, LA (1838 - 1861; 1879 - 1909) Shut down and used for housing Confederate troops during the Civil War. Signified by an 'O'.

In 1943 the penny was struck in zinc-coated steel. This was the only year cents were made like this however about 20 1944 steel cents have been found and verified as authentic.
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